My Inspiration


My original journey set off into a path of compassion and the need to provide. Whether it is healthy food products, a safe food environment for all or simply a lending ear.

After a challenging first year of health in my son’s life and a rollercoaster of issues that went unrecognized in the medical field, our lives changed for the better.

Ignorance led to a series of viral infections and rounds of antibiotics for my son. I knew it wasn’t right but I also didn’t know where to turn. In 2009, my son was 18 months old and very sick. Eventually diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (discovered later on) due to a prolonged virus attacking his pancreas.

I was directed towards natural practices and researched the link of celiac disease or gluten intolerance with type 1 diabetes. Although explained to me that Easton’s condition was not creatIMG_2465ed by food and won’t be fixed by food (by his endocrinologist), I was more determined than ever to help my son.  I learned that my bowel issues as well as joint and muscle inflammation was deep rooted into what I was eating. “One’s food is another’s Poison”

Now 7 years later, my path has led me into many directions of helping others that have been through, are experiencing or learning they have choices as well as the power to achieve good health through food.  
My inspiration continues to grow with the individuals I meet everyday within my service. I am truly blessed to feel like I have helped or inspired an individual by the products we make and the services we provide.    

Sincerley Blessed

Jenn Croft, Founder of Creative Choices