The Dirty on Why Creative Choices was Redesigned!

Creative Choices has been branded and defined as a one of a kind bakery in Grey Bruce. It has been 8 years of growing my bakery/kitchen and amazing customers have stood by all my new recipes creations and developments along the way.

I have met people from all over the world that heard about my bakery from a friend or family member when they traveled to the area. They were pleasantly pleased with the products we made. Whether they were from Sudbury, Ottawa, BC, New Zealand, Britain, Miami, California, we would receive the same type of compliment on our bread. “We have never tasted anything as good as your gluten free bread” and they would come back at any chance they could. We have even shipped out to people who can’t find anything like it and want it! I know what I have created isn’t just another GF product. I really have prided all my success on quality ingredients and the love for what I am doing. I do wish my recipes were in a popular coffee chain across this country because its only fair that people that can’t have gluten still be offered a great tasting gf option but that is a whole different rant. lol

Each year sales have grown to a number I had never foreseen but so have the expenses. Unfortunately for all the hard hours and time it takes to produce amazing products there comes a cost and there seems to be little profit to be made.

In 2017, I realized I was at max space capacity with equipment and freezers. Reality ment more investment, more equipment, more storage space and more employees. This is what was needed to grow the bakery to the size and demand that is out there. The problem was I didn’t own my location/space. I was renting space that was not being kept up by the new landowner of 2 years and conditions were only getting worse, and rent of course was continuing to go up. Investing more money in that location did not financially make sense in order to financially succeed.

I had to make some real life decisions about the future of Creative Choices. The defining moment was when the government made mention of the approval of wage increase and how quickly it was going to happen. I started to number crunch. Knowing I was paying my main baker that wage already and they would want the same increase. Taxes and premiums were going to go up as well and I could see my bottom line diminishing. Training a new employee in my bakery is not a simple task as it takes alot of time(more than one person) and waste to produce a perfected product. Not everyone can bake or catch on either so i would find myself constantly training and at $15.00hr that scared me.

It is hard to walk around thinking your successful at what you do but financially you have nothing. Unfortunately this is the future of alot of small businesses in Ontario. Hard working, dedicated, passionate individuals will slowly see everything slip through their fingers.

So I decided to invest in a different way and create a new plan. I bought a mobile trailer kitchen and converted my garage into a catering kitchen. I am just getting settled into my new surroundings and enjoying the feeling that it is mine. Eliminating much of my overhead and doing what I can on my own.

I am still baking for local restaurants menu’s and in the process of setting up 2 locations where people can purchase some bakery items but mainly prepared specialty foods. Owen Sound Location is on the West side. Business is called the Nutty Baker Food Shoppe, The second is The Market Shoppe in Markdale, Ontario right on the main street near the lights.

I am happy to be apart of the Eat Local Grey Bruce Coop in our area where online ordering and home delivery is the new age farmers market. We have over 40 local food producers selling their products that all follow the same guidelines and principals to produce naturally raised, organic, wholesome products.

Check it out. delivery every week of the year but only when you want it.

My main love and passion is Catering. Because I offer a mobile catering service I have no limits. I have been busy booking retreats, weddings and events for the upcoming year. I am able to tie in all my special traits and recipes into my caterings so everyone can enjoy amazing food together.


Look for the Healthy Fork at Community Events where I offer food truck style foods for all diets. This summer I will be at the 50th Reunion for Grey Highlands Secondary School in June and hopefully at Summer folk in Owen Sound again. If you know of any festivals in your area that you think I would be a good fit. please send me a link. I’ll check it out.

Thanks for sticking with me and supporting local. We all need each other more than anything these days.

Stay tuned for more stories/recipes and updates.